8 Best Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes


Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes are responsive premium themes. These themes are clean templates that you can download or buy for the year 2015.

Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes are great knowledge to deliver rich solution to your favorite customers. Premium Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes will allow you to develop or build your customized database for any content or articles. This is the correct choice that will offer its favorite users an easy to manage and update template.

Best Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes are available in different variety of color schemes hence all your needs shall be guaranteed to be fulfilled. You use these themes to allow people to communicate and respond to each other, provide assistance to one another. These are simple and easy themes to help you build your own favorite choice of wiki database information, whether you have some knowledge and expertise in the computer field or not.

Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes have rocked in the website industry, these are themes build by excellent professionals to offer support and solution to support platforms or help desk organizations and companies. The themes both be used as a knowledge base for your customers or internal use, many of them deliver the great feature of people to post help questions, get fast answers and further maintain  the track of your questions for your users and customers.

Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Themes have shown to be a huge investment in delivering well-organized platforms with many customization options.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a Premium WordPress Theme for Wiki and Knowledge Base Websites. It is a clean and feature rich solution to provide support knowledge to your customers.

Knowledge Base Theme



Knowledge Base Wiki

Live Knowledge Base Search Enable fast knowledge base live search in header and in sidebars. Set search in posts, pages, custom post types and within post titles and post content.

Knowledge Base Wiki FAQ WordPress Theme




A brilliantly crafted knowledge base -esque WordPress Theme. Whether you’re selling a product, have an exhaustive collection of help articles, FAQs (or just a large collection of articles in general). Enjoy seamless customization and easy execution with Base.

Base Premium Knowledge Base Wiki FAQ Theme




The perfect theme to provide Support and interact with your customers. Flatbase, a nicely crafted and complete all-in-one solution to create your own support platform. Its clean and detail-oriented design is the perfect frame to provide support articles, informing and teaching users how to master your product.

Flatbase responsive Knowledge Base Wiki Theme




iKnowledge is a slick knowledge base WordPress theme. iKnowledge features a fresh and clean design, focusing more on the content. It also comes with a rating system and post view counter to help you track article performance.

iKnowledge Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Theme




A Knowledge base without the monthly subscription, a wiki without the bloat. KnowHow helps you setup a Knowledge Base in WordPress in less time than it takes to brew a coffee.

KnowHow A Knowledge Base WordPress Theme




TechDesk – is a Helpdesk/FAQ/Knowledge Base WordPress theme.  Clean and intuitive design with a tons of features & options: live search, widgetized areas, faq post format, short codes and much more.

TechDesk Responsive Knowledge Base FAQ Theme




KnowPress is a WordPress knowledge base, allowing you to create a customised database of articles and information. It’s perfect for a support/FAQ system, and is incredibly easy to manage and update.

KnowPress Knowledge Base Wiki for WordPress


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